Welcome to jury duty for the Justice Court, Precinct One, of Polk County, Texas. When you report for jury duty you will receive additional information explaining your duties and obligations as a prospective juror.

Jurors in Polk county are randomly selected by the county computer system from a source which combines current voter registration list and residents of the county that hold either a valid Texas driver's license, a valid personal identification card, or certificate issued by the Department of Public Safety. Kathy Clifton, District Clerk, serves as the Jury Manager for Polk County.

We hope you will find your term of jury services an interesting and satisfying experience. When you report for jury duty, you will receive instructions that explain your duties and obligations.

Jury Court Contacts:
Charles Moore (936) 327-6814
Jury Hotline (936) 327-6814

The hotline gives updates on jury selection, prospective jurors are asked to call 24 hours before their appearance date for the latest jury news.